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Student Shortcut Success Kit

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The course is 50% off for September 2022

In light of the past few weeks where Covid-19 has caused some serious damage to almost everyone's lives, I have decided to give everyone a discount code for my Triple Sk course. The code you can use is -------------. But it doesn't last forever so you betetr hurry. It will expire on -------- and after that the amazing oppurtinity that has been offered will go away!! 

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School hasn't changed since it was designed to produce compliant factory workers in the industrial revolution, but it is compulsory and it is important to do well at school. 
The key skills required to do well at school are not taught at school!
Triple SK will teach you how to read 50% faster in 5 minutes and how to dramatically improve your memory in 15 minutes. If you want further improvements you will need to watch a few more of my short video lectures and do some practice. 
No theory and no alternative methods - just practical and to the point. And that means you can learn these skills fast because I don't have hours of boring lectures like some other courses. 
Learn the methods used by world memory champions and learn how to remember a speech, learn a foreign language, memorise numbers and facts.
Developed by a student for students.

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How many hours a week do I need to practice?

If you have to read and remember things now for school, then no extra time is required. You just apply these new techniques when you do what you are already doing.

How soon will I see some results?

Triple SK is about fast results. Unlike other courses, it is designed with the biggest gains from the start of each section.

You can learn how to read 50% faster in 5  minutes and how to dramatically improve your memory in just 15 minutes. Greater gains are possible from the more detailed videos and with practice.

If these skills really do work then why aren't they taught at school?

This is the question that I can't answer - it just doesn't make sense.

School is about reading and remembering large amounts of information. Learning how to read faster and remember should be taught at school.

What skills do I need for this course - is it for me?

If you can read then you can learn to read faster.

​Triple SK is for every student that wants to do better at school, irrespective of your current level.

Why should you pick this course over similair ones?

Because it is specifically for teenage students by a teenage student. The techniques and examples used are designed for students.

There are cheaper courses and there are longer more complicated courses, but there are no more effective practical courses.

I have avoided devoting hours of videos to theory and alternative methods. All you receive is the best most effective method presented in a logical sequence with big gains quickly.

What if I am not satisfied with TripleSK?

This is extremely unlikely, but I offer a 30 day money back guarantee. You can't lose.

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